Saturday, June 22, 2013

My new upcycled craft, an earring holder

Made with an old bedspring and an old piece of wood with a transfer on it. To protect the earrings to skid, I added little small points of Pebeo touch all long on the top of the spring.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Artists, you are influencing !

When you create I think that you have the responsibility about what you share. If you feel bad and your creations are the romping of your negativity, it is so helpful to make it "for you", but not to share. This is my opinion. If you discharge your bad emotions in your creations, better to burn or recycled them after... then, when you are liberated and create with positivity, then you are ready to share it to the world.
This is good for all kind of creators: photographers, singers, writers, designers, etc.
For me, using art to share negativity is like making violence. You can influence the way people feel with your art. To help stopping violence, we have to share non-violence. When people feel good they don't want to be bad !

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let me share you my everyday meditation technique

the best place in my town
What I want to share with you is something I learned by myself by taking informations in many and many well being books, listening to people, etc...
I am absolutely convinced that doing this every day will improve your life.

Here it is:

Preparation: When you go to bed, lie on your back without pillow, palms towards the sky.
Breathe slowly, by the belly.
When you speak, you can do it with high voice or in your head. Speak to who or what you believe in, ex: Universe, God, your high conscience, higher beings, etc...

1. Say thanks for your day. Enumerate all the beautiful things that happened in the day. Focus on the positive points only. This will help you finding what make you happy in your life. So, thereafter, you will be carried to do what turns you happy.
2. Ask to be removed from all the negativity that could be in you. Imagine it going out of you by your feet and mouth, or maybe some higher beings are taking out your positivity with their hands? imagine...
3. Now that you are cleaned, surround yourself with a white protective light, imagine, pretend...
4. Ask now to recieve positive, Divine, curative energy. Feel this energy coming inside your body by your hands. Enjoy it like a gift. Say that this energy contribute to keep you happy and in a perfect health.  Say that you are recieving this Divine energy in abundance and that you radiate (this is a way to share this positivity to the humanity)
5. While profiting of this energy, enumerate all the beautiful things that you want in your life. Say it using "I am ...". Ex: I am creative, I am loved, I am slim, I am motivated, ... At this stage, you will feel soooo good. Profit the more you can of this powerful condition, all your being profits from it !
6. Have a little interview with your cells by speaking directly to them. Say that you command them to be healthy, happy, cheerful, strong... and this is an order !
7. Finish with another little interview, this time with your guardian angel, or guide. Ask him to help you to always make the best decisions.

You can now have a great sleep !



Thursday, December 24, 2009

The best dip... perfect for your holliday parties !

One of my friend came to a party with that dip ! ... from that time it's our traditional family dip for parties. If you do it, for sure, somebody will ask you the recipe !

I can of red beans
1 can of black olives without kernel
250 ml of sour cream (light one if you prefer)
250 ml of mayonnaise (light one if you prefer)
1 sachet of tacos spices
grated cheese
green oignons
3 avocados
1 tomato
lemon juice
corn chips
1 big plate or 2 smaller plates, about 2" deep

1. Crush the red beans...

... place them art the bottom of your plate

1. Crush the avocados, add a little bit of lemon juice...

... place them on the red beans

3. Mix the sour cream, the mayonnaise, and the tacos spice sachet...

... and pour that sauce on the avocados

4. Cut little squares of tomatoes, and put them on the sauce

5. If it's nut already done, cut the olives in slices and place them on the tomatoes

6. Cut little pieces of green oignons and place them on the olives

7. Cover with grated cheese

Eat it with corn chips ! Miam Miam, believe me, it's delicious !